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This is the Official Mount Morris Lakes Management District Website

We are a Lake District, not a Lake Association.  This website provides straight-forward, factual  data and information to District electors and stakeholders about the District's plans and activities. Through this site, District residents can are updated as to what is important for them to know as a property owners.


The District is located in the Town of Mt. Morris in Waushara County, just 7 miles northeast of Wautoma off of State Highway 152.​ Those who reside in the District are referred to as "electors" or "stakeholders."

Please preserve the quality of the lake system through responsible boating, fishing, and water activity that is respectful of the lake environment. A lake is a precious resource that must be cared for by all.


Always check the shoreland zoning regulations that may impact your property before implementing construction or improvement plans.  Click to see: Wis. Admin. Code. NR 115-2015 changes.


Special Lake AIS & Silt Reduction Research Committee Established


This committee was charged at the Annual Meeting in July 2019, to investigate and report information that would allow for a plan to address the increasing aquatic vegetation and silt accumulation problem in our lakes. This plan will involve one of two options lsted below.  The partial year or full year drawdown of the water levels of all Mt. Morris Lakes can compress the silt accumulation on the bottom of the lakes and freeze out the rapid development of aquatic vegetation. Details of this plan can be foiund atthis link: (Presentation Link).  This information was developed by the sub-committee chaired by Dave Murphy, supported by  our consultant, Onterra, LLC, and by Ted Johnson, the Regional Lakes Biologist.  Through 2019-2020, significant data gathering and base level measurements will be taken of the lakes to allow for a proper plan to be implemented.  At this time, there are two options that will be voted upon at the Annual District Meeting on July 18, 2020:

  1.  A full year lake drawdown (October through October)

  2.  A partial year drawdown    (October through May)


Will be held at the WWII Veterans Memorial Hall, 440 West Main St. Wautoma 

The District Breakfast at 8:00 am will preceed the 9:00 am meeting


TThe meeting location site has been changed to allow for 200 plus District voters to attend and vote upopn one of the two options for AIS Control.  A final plan proposal to address the growing AIS situation in our lakes will be presented by the AIS Control sub-committee. The two options will be presented, discussed, and one option will be selected by vote voted by the entire lake district property ownership in attendance.  By direction of Chapter 33 State Law governing Lake Districts, no proxy voitng or absentee voting is allowed.  You must personally attend the meeting to cast your vote.  Check the "Lake Life" District Newsletter for details on this rule.


DECEMBER 7, 2020, 9:00 AM: 

ThIs Quarterly Commissioner meeting WILL NOT be held at the Mountainview Community Center due to recontstruction work being conducted there.  The meeting will be at the "Rattlesnake River Wine and Bourbons"  area just below the Trading Post.  They do serve breakfast at that time if needed.


MAY 9, 2020, 9:00 AM:

The May 9, 2020 Quarterly Commissioners Meeting will be held at the WWII Veterans Memorial Hall site at 440 West Main Street, Wautoma.  Due to the nature of the agenda and discussion about our AIS plan and budget that will be discussed before the Annual lMeeting in July, this location will allow for all District members to attend. 

MMLMD LAKE ENDOWMENT FUND:  The "Friends of Mt. Morris Lake Endowment Fund" was set up by the District Board. You

can donate tax-deductible money to the fund to preserve the future quality of our lakes. The fund is managed by the "Oshkosh Area Community Foundation." Make a contribution online at: https://www.oshkoshareacf.org/fund/friends-of-the-mount-morris-lakes-endowment-fund/ or you can mail in the official contribution form. To read the letter or get more information, go to the Endowment Fund page. This fund is important for future funding of lake projects.


SPRING & SUMMER NIGHT SKY ENJOYMENT:  People like to enjoy the night sky! Are your property lights directed downward from the sky to the land? Consider installing side shields so that the light does not spread out from the sides and distract from night viewing.

BY-LAWS REVISION COMMITTEE:  Committee appointed at the last Annual District Meeting in July, 2019.  Need additional members to review District By-Laws.  Kathy Croft is the only current member.  Contact joe Slezak if interested in joing the committee.

PROPERTY SECURITY:  To prevent cottage break-ins, go to Resources under NEWS/LETTER for Cottage Security Tips