Mt. Morris Lakes Practices Canada Goose Control & Management Strategies
  • -  Effective methods and suggestions for how to control the impact of Canada Geese on our lakes are always welcome by the District.

  • -  A Canada Goose Round-Up plan is one method used, and we work within the guidelines of the Forest Service to complete the permit process.

  • -  All property owners are mailed permits for permission to enter their land to identify geese nests and to round-up, capture, and remove geese.

  • Property owners have to approve access to their property to secure and capture the geese.

  • -  Oiling of eggs with peanut oil takes a special permit requiring a sign-off by three different government agencies. We do not exercise oiling of nests.

  • -  We coordinate all activities concerning geese management with the Forest Service, USDA, Wildlife Services (Mike Jones), and our volunteers.

  • -  Geese are tested for disease by the USDA before they are sent in for food processing. 

  • -  There will be no Canada Goose Round-up for this year  There are not enough geese on the lake this year to warrant the cost and effort of removal.