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This is the Lake Management District for the Mt. Morris Lake Chain in Mt. Morris, Waushara County, Wisconsin. 

A Lake District is an official unit of state government established by Chapter 33 of Wisconsin State Law.

  • The District Board members are elected by the property owners of the district.

  • The District Board elects its officers for the year after the Annual Meeting

  • Property owners pay a tax levy to support District activities.


1. Maintain the condition of the lakes and district properties.

2. Keep the dam in good operating order.​
3. Preserve the future of the lakes by collaborating with the 

    DNR to secure lake management grants.

4. Work with the town board by providing guidance and policies            that promote fishing, boating and balanced recreational activities.

Click here to learn more about the Chapter 33 laws.
 To learn more about the MMLMD Bylaws, go to:
  • click on sub header:   Agendas & Minutes. 
  • Click the link under District Records Archive.   

As told to Nils Dahlstrand, former Founding District Chariman

Hi. I’m a lakeshore. I used to be a stream bank but got flooded out. A couple of enterprising fellows built a grist mill and needed water power to run it. So they dammed up my creek. Now I’m a lakeshore.

In 1910, Ole Evinrude invented a gadget with a gasoline motor and propeller. He put it on the back of a row boat. He told people they could throw away their oars. Now folks could get to their favorite fishing holes faster. Or just have a noisy boat ride.

I first saw one of these contraptions in the 1930s. About 15 years later I saw a lot more. People were building cottages back of me. They were enjoying summer on the lake. It was then I began to feel what motors on boats can really do. The waves they made were beating on me. They were washing me away, one grain of sand at a time.

Some folks tried to protect me. They dumped rocks in the water next to me or put up boards to keep the waves away. But the waves kept pounding anyway.

Then some fellows put white bobbers in my water. On them were the words: SLOW NO WAKE. People weren’t supposed to make waves.If you really think about it though, you can’t go slowly without making waves. To do so, you’d have to stop completely.

Maybe those white bobbers should read:      SLOW RIPPLES ONLY.

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