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Mt. Morris Lakes Raft Placement Quick Guidelines


1) You can put a raft up to 200 feet offshore from your property if it does not impede the "natural line of navigation" around the lake, otherwise someone might collide with your raft because it is in the middle of the channel or it impedes into the navigation lane off of your shoreline.

2) Don't automatically assume that you can place a raft 200 feet offshore. Raft placement must follow the guidelines and limits. This distance is determined by following the shoreline, at no wake speed, from one channel, around the shoreline, to the next channel.

3) People who have property in channels have to take special care to place docks, piers, and rafts in a
method that keeps these structures out of the navigation lanes through the channel or through the lake. For more information about this, consult the DNR Pier, Raft, and Dock Planner.


4) Some parts of the shoreline are curved, and the amount of straight-line, 90 degree distance from your shore to a point in the lake where you can place a raft is calculated by the intersecting angles from each corner of your property into the lake. That distance may be less than 200 feet, and may be the only distance you legally have from your shore to place a raft without interfering with the riparian right of neighboring properties. It is possible that while you may see a straight line out to the lake, because of the curve of your shoreline, you may impede into your neighbor's riparian line into the lake and cross into their space. 

Wisconsin Boating, Pier & Wharf Placement Regulations


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