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Friends of Mt. Morris Lakes,

Members of the Mount Morris Lakes Management District:

This letter comes to you with a request for support of the Friends of Mount Morris Lakes Endowment Fund. An initial endowment fund goal of $600,000 was agreed upon for the purpose of providing a 5% annual payout sufficient to fund all annual aquatic invasive species management and treatment activities. 


To begin, the MMLMD asks that each member consider a $1,000 contribution to the Friends of Mount Morris Lakes endowment fund as part of a commitment to contribute $3,000 over the next three years. Contributions can be made incrementally at whatever amount is reasonable for each member.



To donate on-line, go to:

The title of the fund is: 

Friends of Mt. Morris Lakes Endowment Fund (FOMML).


Fill in the Gift Payment Details

Click on SUBMIT. 

NOTE:  Credit Card payments deducts 3% from your donation, so you may consider (not required) adding an additional 3% to it.


Direct questions about the endowment fund to the CONTACT US tab in the website or call:

Kathy Croft

Endowment Committee Chairman  


In the PDFs, you will find documents containing all relevant information about making donations and the fund background.


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