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Overview of the Mt. Morris Lakes District Chain of Lakes
is a flowage lake that is part of the five chain of lakes (total 172 acres) that comprise the Mt. Morris Lakes Management District. Morris Lake is the largest lake (72 acres), and the only lake where water skiing is permitted.  Its mean depth is about 7 feet, with a center depth of 41 feet. There is a ring of vegetation at the 15 foot depth level around the lake that separates the vegetation from the dark, cold, mucky bottom, which starts at about 25 feet from shore and extends to 300 feet in the center of the lake. The five lakes are known from north to south as Lake Alsfon (A), Lake Russel (B), Lake Hannah (C), Lake Morris (D), and Emerald Lake, (E), accessed by a channel under the foot bridge.

  There is also a canoe / kayak portage trail from the dam flume, across the street, to continue on the creek below the dam flume.  Please do not park your boat or pontoon boat at the portage site for more than 30 minutes.  Keep the portage clear for canoe and kayak transfer across the street to the creek below the dam flume.  The portage area needs to be respected by boats to prevent land erosion at that site.

Morris Lake is the only lake that allows full wake water skiing from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm every day including all weekends and holidays.  However, the small size of the Morris Lake limits the amount of boats that can ski at one time, and the capacity of the boat landing parking is limited to about 5 boats.  A "no wake" ordinance for all lakes begins each evening at 5:00 pm, lasting to the following morning, 10:00 am. 
For safety purposes, it is recommended that the lake can only handle 5-7 boats at a time, depending on weather conditions, for safe water skiing and tubing. Jet skis or personal jet watercraft will find it difficult to operate in the same space during ski hours. In addition, there is not enough room at the east end of Morris Lake, near the public swimming area, for jet skis to operate at full wake in accordance with state laws that require a 200 foot distance from shore lines, and a 100 foot distance from piers and rafts, and the public swimming area outside ropes. 

All watercraft engaged in skiing or tubing must go in a counter-clockwise direction. All watercraft must observe state boating laws regarding full wake distance from shore (100 feet for boats, 200 feet for jet watercraft). Channels between all lakes are to be navigated at a "slow, no wake" condition. The Waushara County Sheriff provides water patrol and regulation enforcement at random times during the boating season, especially during holiday weekends. It is recommended that boaters use common sense in their use of watercraft on all Morris Lakes. 
Remember that it is frequently the "Boating Behavior"... how a  watercraft is used... that causes conflict or shoreline damage rather than the size or power of the watercraft. So, please behave with your boat in a manner that is right for each of the lakes, and what is common sense usage for that lake.   Remember:  What is LEGAL may not be RIGHT... Your common sense usage in the Lakes of the Mount Morris system. should prevail.
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