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Click on the poster to see a larger image.

Print your own copy and post where you or your guests or renters can see it. 
This is the cover from the  Boater's Handbook from the Department of Natural Resources explaining the​ Wisconsin Boating Laws & Responsibilities. You can  download the entire handbook using this link.

When you get to this page, go to the right side of the page, "Clean Boats, Clean Waters"  locate "For  Boaters" and click on "Boat Transportation and Bait Laws."

Click on the link below to learn more about:
Wisconsin Clean Boats - Clean Waters Law


Key points to remember as a boat owner:


  1. Your boat and trailer must be free from vegetation before you launch and cleaned immediately after you exit a lake.

  2. Bilge and live tank water must be emptied before  you leave to prevent the spread of larvae.

  3. You can be cited by local or state police if your boat trailer has visible vegetation on it.


Please make Sure that your renters are fully aware of the lake boating regulations as posted here.  You can download a copy of the placard on the left side of this page and post it in your cottage or home.

In addition... each lake has its own environment and boating behavior expectations.  Please help  your renters understand as to what is acceptable behavior on our lakes.  Avoid their embarrassment of having their boat number reported to the DNR Warden for violating state and town boating regulations or causing a nuisance disturbances on the lakes.

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