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What is a Lake Management District?
Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin​
Wisconsin​Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin​Boating Regulations
Wisconsin​​ Association of Lakes
Interested in Shoreland Restoration?
Waushara County Watershed Lakes Council
Links to other COTTAGE SECURITY ideas:

Preventing cottage break-ins


5 ways to crime proof your cottage this winter


Residential and Cottage Property Crime Prevention Tips


Other websites:



  • Remove valuable items from your homes to ensure that they are not stolen

  • Install motion sensor lighting, especially during the winter, aimed downward at your shoreline area

  • Install automatic alarm systems with a phone dialer (to call you directly) triggered by sensors on windows, doors, etc.

  • Secure boats, vehicles, aquatic equipment out of site if possible.

  • Prevent visibility into the cottage from the outside; close drapes, and cover door windows.

  • Boarding up windows or doors from the outside makes it obvious to thieves that no one intends to be in the structure for a long time.

  • Install random-timed lighting inside the home at night with some random sound from a radio. This may confuse thieves.

  • Buy a small lighting device that simulates the flickering light of an active TV combined with the sound of a radio.


Fire safety and burning permits

Waushara County burning laws

White Nose Bat Syndrome

Bats are getting sick and the DNR would like to help them. For details on how to let the DNR know the location of the bat roosts, click on this poster: "Bats Wanted"

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