The Board is considering two plans to address the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species and the continuing silt build-up in the lake causing the expansion of shallow bottom areas. This page will provide information about those plans.

One of these plans will be voted into action by the entire District Electorate at our Annual Meeting on July 18, 2020. At this time, due to COVIC-19 virus travel restriction plans, there will be no special District Meetings to present or discuss the details of those plans. All of that information is now posted on this page, and will provide further information to explain what this is all about. Please read them. There is a possibility of a "on-line webinar meeting" that may be held to discuss this information live, but no plans are in effect yet. Keep consulting this website page for further updates.


You may want to learn about what a "lake drawdown" is to prepare for the July vote. If you need more information about the AIS Lake Drawdown, click on the following plan links in blue (below) to see the documents. If you have more questions please contact Rob Adams, Dave Murphy, or one of the Board members. (CONTACT US link)


Draw down the lake about 6 feet from October 2020 to May 2021.

One winter period...Will help to reduce AIS and compact some silt and soil.

The May 9 meeting with 400 people has been CANCELED due to the Covid-19 virus situation and the Governor's travel restriction message. Review POSTCARD INSTRUCTIONS recently mailed to all District residents.


Draw down the lake about 6 feet, but  for a longer period of time...from October 2020 to May of 2022.


Winter- Summer-Winter period...Will help reduce AIS and greatly compact the soil for a longer period of time.

May 9th PowerPoint Drawdown Presentation:  Go to this YouTube link:


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