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Apply to the State of Wisconsin to obtain a 70% state - 30% homeowner cost sharing shoreline modification grant for this type of work.

Coir Logs are just one of many approved methods of shoreline restoration. Choose the approved and appropriate method for your shoreline project.

 How coir logs were installed at the dam flume.

Shoreline Restoration Project Objectives

1.  Control water run-off and boat wake erosion that is eating away at your shoreline and decreasing the amount of land you have.


2.  Remove non-desirable vegetation from the shoreline and replace it with native, aquatic vegetation that preserves shoreline health.

3.  Create a natural looking shoreline that promotes attractive yet natural growth and beauty that will protect and restore your shoreline.

4.  Provide a shoreline that promotes the natural activity, movement, growth, and reproduction cycle of fish and wildlife.

Coir logs are constructed of interwoven coconut fibers that are bound together with biodegradable netting.

Commercially produced coir logs come in various lengths and diameters. The product needs to be selected specifically for the site.

Fiber logs composed of other sturdy biodegradable materials may function equally as well.

To read more about installation of coir logs

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