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Shoreline Regulations:  NR115 is the state shoreline regulation

NEW CHANGES to the state's shoreland zoning regulations that may impact your property construction or improvement plans:  Click to see: Wis. Admin. Code. NR 115-2015 changes.

Before You Make Changes to Your Property or Shoreline

As a property owner, your land is subject to the rules and regulations stated stated in the Wisconsin NR115 Shoreline Regulations. There are restrictions concerning what you can do to the first 35 feet of your land starting from from the ordinary high water mark, to other land improvement concerns such as:

     -  Soil excavations, sand beaches, shore walls

     -  Plantings or cutting of trees and vegetation

     -  Maintaining a 35 foot vegetation buffer from the ordinary high water mark

     -  Paths and stairways to the water (the 10 foot corridor rule)

     -  Construction of impervious surfaces that impact water drainage such as paved driveways

     -  Construction of structures with features that impact lake water quality (steep, large roofs, etc)

     -  Repairs to existing boat houses or construction of new or boat shelters

​​Always check with the DNR, Town, and County zoning regulations before modifying your land or property structures. Without approval, you could be subject to expensive fines and might be required to restore your property to its original state at your own expense.

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