District Board Chairman

Rob Adams


​District Secretary

Joe Slezak ​


​District Treasurer

Peggy Thiel



District Commissioner

Tim Dahlstrand

District Commissioner
Karen Tschurwald


District Town Board


Paul Jarvis



Anyone can be elected as a District Commissioner at the Annual Meeting in July.

Commissioners are elected for terms lasting three years.

When a District Commissioner term ends, that position is open for election.

If the current commissioner does not want to be re-elected, then a nomination committee is formed to locate potential candidates for the position.

Anyone can be nominated from the floor and elected to a Commissioner positions at the District Annual Meeting. No formal application or announcement is necessary.

The Chapter 33 Statute governing Lake Districts states the number of commissioners allowed per District based on the number of District property owners (called electors).

To send an e-mail to a Commissioner, click on his or her title.

District officers are elected at the first meeting after the annual meeting by the Board of Commissioners. There are only three officer positions: Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The other Commissioners can lead a number

of special functions important to the operation

of the District. 


There are two: One Town Board Representative, and one County Representative, who are not elected to a District Officer positions. They serve as liaisons between the District Board and the Town of Mt. Morris and Waushara County to communicate or discuss issues that impact or are of interest to the District.